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White Paper: Improving access to cancer medicines

The Cancer Drugs Alliance published its White Paper on how we can improve access to cancer medicines in Australia. To view the full White Paper see here.


Clinicians do not have access to all the latest cancer drugs in Australia. Click here to find out more.     
Patients & Familes
Patients and families may have to pay thousands of dollars to access new cancer drugs. Click here to find out more.    
There are many new cancer drugs currently in development by the Australian medicines industry. Click here to find out more.     

Tell Us Your Story

In order to help us highlight the problems within the current treatment schemes in Australia, we ask you to share your story with us.

If you (or someone close to you) has:

a) been denied access to cancer drugs because of the cost of those drugs.

b) had to pay large amounts for cancer drugs because these drugs were not subsidised through the PBS.

c) If you would be happy to be interviewed by the media about your experience with your cancer treatment.

d) If you would be happy for us to publish your story.