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About CDA

The Cancer Drugs Alliance (CDA) is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder organisation committed to achieving the best outcomes for Australian cancer patients. Membership of the CDA is comprised of individuals and organisations, including practising oncologists, haematologists, representatives from cancer patient support and advocacy groups, and pharmaceutical companies currently providing cancer treatments to the Australian community.  The members hold the strong view that only by bringing together the expertise of those engaged in cancer care, treatment and support will we achieve the shared goal of world’s best practice in cancer care and treatment Australia.


The CDA aims to draw much-needed attention to and action against the serious issue of inequitable, unaffordable and delayed access to cancer medicines in Australia, which is seeing many Australian cancer patients denied new cancer medicines that are readily available in other countries.


A common fund has been established and each member also contributes in-kind – funding solely covers operational costs of the organisation. A Board of Directors has been appointed to manage the operation of the Alliance, and its focus is to work towards achieving access to new cancer medicines in Australia. To view the CDA's funding principles see here.