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The Solution


Over 2014 - 2015, the Cancer Drugs Alliance worked with critical stakeholders including health consumer groups, patients, oncologists and industry to deliver a set of recommendations for improving access to cancer medicines and in March 2015 published a White Paper.


The critical areas for modernisation include:

1. Greater engagement of consumers throughout the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) decision making processes;

2. Modernising the PBS to move beyond assessments of ‘cost-effectiveness’ to a fit-for-purpose system capable of assessing new innovative medicines of today, and the future; and

3. The establishment of a National Chemotherapy Registry to empower the Australian healthcare sector by providing information that will be used to continually improve the quality of chemotherapy treatment in Australia.


The Cancer Drugs Alliance acknowledges modernisation of the PBS requires time; therefore also recommends that within the current PBS mechanisms, an Interim Access Scheme is created to provide patients with access to the medicines that they urgently need between TGA registration and PBS reimbursement.


To view the full White Paper see here.

The Cancer Drugs Alliance is committed to working with Government as well as other stakeholders to improve the timely and affordable access to new cancer medicines. The CDA holds the strong view that only by bringing together the expertise of those engaged in cancer treatment and support will we achieve the shared goal of world’s best practice in cancer treatment in Australia.